Notice to Product Users

Blackhawk products are intended for use by workshops/organizations and are often administered to you by your organization. Your use of Blackhawk products may be subject to your organization’s policies, if any. If your organization is administering your use of the Blackhawk products, please direct your privacy inquiries to your administrator.

Blackhawk is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of our customers, which may differ from those set forth in this privacy statement.

List of Blackhawk products valid for this notice:

Measuring system:

The following extraction of the GDPR paragraph in Blackhawk SAS (named [COMPANY] below) latest Software License agreement applies for all distributors/customers using Blackhawk products listed above and by that complies to GDPR, valid from May 25, 2018 throughout Europe:


7.1 The Customer agrees that [COMPANY] may collect and use technical information gathered from a Client in order to facilitate the functionality and identify support needs of the Program as well as improve the Program and to verify compliance with the terms of this Agreement. Without limiting the foregoing, for the purposes of gaining a better understanding of how Customer’s Use the Program, [COMPANY] may, track end-user actions and record or report them over the Internet to a central analytics database. To the extent that this information constitutes Personal Data, [COMPANY] shall be the controller of such Personal Data.

7.2 The Parties acknowledge that [COMPANY] processes Personal Data for the purposes set out in Section 7.1 based on [COMPANY]’s legitimate interest in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. Both parties shall at all times comply with applicable data protection laws and regulations for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of Personal Data. Customer acknowledges that [COMPANY] processes end-users Personal Data as set forth in the applicable data security and privacy policies of [COMPANY] that are provided by [COMPANY] to Customer from time to time.

7.3 In relation to processing of end-users Personal Data for the purposes specified above (i.e. where [COMPANY] is the controller of Personal Data), Customer undertakes to ensure that all data subjects are provided with adequate information. The Customer shall indemnify [COMPANY] for any and all damages due to non-compliance with this Section 7”

In the event of a conflict between this notice and the terms of any agreement(s) between a customer and Blackhawk Products, the terms of those agreement(s) will control.



The following is the Blackhawk’s proposed password policy to be used when registration of/setting/changing passwords for Blackhawk products to be compliant with GDPR standard:

Users must choose passwords that are difficult to guess. This means that passwords must not be related to a user’s job or personal life.

Passwords should abide by the following guidelines: