SHARK is the universal electronic measuring system par excellence for diagnosis and repair

Easy and fast to use. Reliable, extremely precise and repetitive results on all test points. Much easier than mechanical measuring, but the same logic. The ultrasonic technology and the highly developed computer program used by the SHARK make it a particularly userfriendly system. Easy and natural training and use, SHARK will complement all Blackhawk® straightening systems and many others.


  • Ultrasonic emitting probes
  • Magnetic connection
  • Receiving beam
  • Console with computer, USB stick, keyboard, colour screen and drawers for the accessories


  • New look cabinet
  • 4×7.5 cm diam. chrome locking casters
  • 27” LCD HD display for maximum viewing from anywhere around the vehicle
  • Probe cords incorporate Velcro straps for easy storage
  • Polyurethane foam with accessory identifiers provides max. separation of magnetic extensions and increased accessory protection


SHA54 / SHA50
Set with 8 probes – without Mc Pherson / with Mc Pherson
SHA55 / SHA51
Set with 6 probes – without Mc Pherson / with Mc Pherson